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Thank you!

Well, that was fun – I hope everyone who came enjoyed themselves as much as I did.

If you gave a paper and have any notes, slides or associated information that you’d like to be made available, get in touch with me (sharon.howard@sheffield.ac.uk) and I can post them here as a resource.

I should thank Clive Emsley and Sue Watkins for organising the conference (especially since it would probably have been my job if they hadn’t done it…).

And finally, thanks to everyone who came for making this such an enjoyable and stimulating event!


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CCC database

To our small but growing band of RSS and email subscribers – welcome!

The good news is that the CCC 1834-1913 database is now available for those who have had papers accepted for the conference to consult while working on them. It’s a very basic test run with a limited set of search options, but the database is complete and finished (apart from the inevitable minor corrections).

You will need to email Sharon Howard (or one of the project directors) for the URL and the passwords to access the database. Please do not pass the information on to anyone else at this stage – the server capacity of this test run is limited and use should be restricted to what’s absolutely necessary, to avoid overloading it and incurring the wrath of our technicians.

For all other uses, the material will be publicly available with a full range of searching options by the end of March, so please be patient just a little longer.

If you do use the test run in the next month or so, any feedback on the experience will be greatly appreciated.

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